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Japan – Land of the Rising Sun

It was just over six years ago in February that I went to Japan for the first time.  As a little girl growing up in Hong Kong it was my dream to go to Japan, for no other reason than because it was the country where Hello Kitty lived.  Yes, the Sanrio cartoon cat that every little girl wanted in Asia (and as it turned out, those of us who have grown up with it still want it regardless of age).  I’m sure if my parents had consented to take me there when I was just a little girl, that would have been all I cared about and nothing else.  As it turned out, it was probably a wise decision to leave me at home (but don’t let my mother know this! :))

Kyoto Palace

With all the technological advances and gadgetry that the country is renowned for, it is sometimes easy to forget that Japan is steeped in tradition and pride.  Its culture introduced us to a time when samurais were honoured to be chosen to protect their emperor with their lives; the grounds of the palace littered with pebbles so that any would-be assassins could be heard on approach (unless you were a ninja who could just glide through the air without a sound).  The precision involved in a Japanese tea ceremony is one you must experience. (more…)