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On This Day: August 17th, 2016 – Barangaroo Reserve, Sydney

Finding any kind of decent real estate in Sydney is practically impossible but for decades, a strip of land on the north-western tip of Sydney Harbour remained an abandoned container yard. Finally, development was approved to turn it into parkland that can be enjoyed by all, known as Barangaroo Reserve.

Named after one of the key leaders of the Aboriginal community when the Europeans settled in Sydney over 200 years ago, the first stage of Barangaroo was opened to the public in August 2015, with more projects continuing along the foreshore expecting to be completed by 2023.

Click here for more information on Barangaroo.



On This Day: August 10th 2016 – Sydney’s Balmoral Beach

It is supposed to be winter in Sydney, but with the sun out in all its glory, the temperature rose to 26 degrees Celsius on this beautiful day. A visit to the beach with a good book helped beat the mid-week blues.


The Boathouse Cafe at Balmoral Beach, Sydney

Iconic Sydney

When you say “Australia”, a number of icons come to mind, but Sydney boasts the most iconic man-made structures in the country and they can be seen from the same spot: East Circular Quay.  To those unfamiliar, “quay” is pronounced as “key”…nothing identifies you as a tourist quicker than asking a local “excuse me, can you tell me how to get to circular kway, please?”

ECQ apartments - aka The Toaster

There is no doubt that when the sun is out and the sky is blue, you can make any place look beautiful.  I know I may be biased but Sydney Harbour absolutely glistens on a gorgeous day – no photoshopping necessary – this is Sydney Harbour and East Circular Quay at its absolute best – even the locals have now accepted the apartment building once known as “The Toaster” for its flat look and the hole in the middle (and admittedly, we were jealous of those who could afford to live there).


Australian Birdlife Outside My Window

Today has been a good day to be sitting on my balcony – the sun’s out and the Aussie bird life has been visiting me 🙂

A magpie is trying to bully the baby kookaburra from its perch

A very colourful rosella paying me a visit

Totally unexpected visitor landed on my balcony railing as I was about to go inside

Pesky pigeons on my neighbour's roof

Sydney Cricket Ground

Sydney Cricket Ground Members Pavilion

Leaps and Bounds

Sydney Swans co-captain Adam Goodes leaps high for a mark against Fremantle Dockers at the SCG, Sun 17 July 2011

Terrigal Beach, Sydney’s Central Coast

Terrigal Beach

The Face of Sydney’s Luna Park

Luna Park, Sydney

Sydney Swans Experience Friday Night Football on Rainy Night

Sydney is accustomed to Friday night football but never for Aussie Rules football.  And on a very wet Friday night, 29th April, 2011 , the Sydney Swans took on Carlton Blues at the Sydney Cricket Ground.  The Blues had not beaten the Swans at the SCG since 1993 and the trend looked set to continue until halfway through the third quarter.  The Swans lost by 16 points at the final siren.  The match coincided with another very special event – the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.  One of my fellow spectators obviously could not choose between staying home to watch the wedding telecast and being at the SCG to support her team – she solved that problem by bringing with her a portable TV set.  I must admit there were certain times, especially in the second half of the match, when I am pretty sure I would have had more fun watching the wedding instead. 🙂

The Swans warm up before taking on Carlton Blues

The Cheer Squad Banner disintegrated in the pouring rain

The Coaches & Media stay dry in their boxes high above the wet grounds

Co-captain Adam Goodes flies high for a mark

Tough contest

Recently retired former Swans co-captain Craig Bolton takes a lap of honour around the SCG at half-time

Seat For Bored Husbands

Leura - Blue Mountains, Sydney